Sunday, December 4, 2011

          It is amazing what going to church and fellowshipping with other christians who actuaaly are on fire for God. After an incident yesterday, I felt lost, alone, and worried. Today, during worship, one of the leaders of the church explained during a song that there were two people in the church right then: The first person was on fire and trusted God; the second was still unsure. They were trying, but were still not there yet.
      It was at that moment that I realized that I need God. I fell into the second group. I was lost, and I needed to be found. I prayed. Gradually, I felt better. I felt refreshed, clean, at home.
      The message was also so enlightening. The messenger was saying how we as a people, are losing our kids to school, secularism, and technology. Eventually we will forget God altogether because we don't have time, or need him.
       I am thankful for everything that has happened the last 48 hours. Everybody, have a great Sunday.

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